JTG Names The One WWE Star He Could See Nikki Bella Dating

John Cena and Nikki Bella's relationship is officially over and they are now moving on separately. TMZ recently caught up with former WWE Superstar JTG and asked him about their split.

"That sucks," JTG said. "I know John Cena was really in love with her, I've never seen him like that — even when he was married I've never seen him like that."


JTG said he knew Cena when he was married to his now ex-wife and Nikki is special to the 16x World Champion. Cena married Elizabeth Huberdeau in July 2009 and their divorce was finalized in July 2012.

"I never seen him head over heels for a female before like he was with Nikki," JTG continued.

The Cryme Tyme member said other professional wrestlers are likely to stay away from dating Nikki at this point out of respect for Cena, although Cena wouldn't say anything because "he's not that insecure." He theorized that there might be one Superstar in the locker room that she might date.

"The only person I can think about is her [ex-boyfriend], probably Dolph [Ziggler]," JTG said. He also noted that Nikki isn't his type so Cena doesn't need to worry about him.


Brian Christopher's passing is still sinking in for a lot of professional wrestling fans who loved Too Cool during their time as a team. JTG expressed sadness about Christopher's death and revealed that he worked with him not too long ago.

"I was a big fan of him as a kid growing up," JTG said when Christopher's passing was mentioned. "I had a lot of swag from Too Cool. I did a show with [Christopher] a few months back. It's so sad to see that happen because I just saw the guy a couple months ago."

JTG hopes Grand Master Sexay will find his way into the WWE Hall Of Fame as he said Christopher did enough in his career to deserve it. When he was asked about a possible WWE return, JTG replied with the classic line, "never say never."

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