Kenny Omega And Tama Tonga Make First Comments Since Bullet Club Brawl

Last night at NJPW G1 Special, Kenny Omega retained the IWGP Heavyweight Championship via pinfall against Cody. After the match, Tama Tonga, Tonga Loa, and Haku came out to celebrate, but then attacked Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks from behind.

The rest of the Bullet Club (minus Bad Luck Fale and Bone Soldier) came down to the ring and each got beat up by Loa, Tonga, and Haku. Cody eventually stumbled out and teased joining them, but remained with the Bullet Club, and was also attacked.

After the trio left, Cody would help Omega up and it looked like they had buried the hatchet as the group recovered from the beat down. On Twitter, Omega said he was proud of his first defense and his friendship with Cody, but the rest of it will be dealt with in due time.

Loa, Tonga, and Haku all were wearing "Firing Squad" shirts and Tonga had a simple, yet effective message to the rest of Bullet Club.

While surprising, Tonga's actions are not totally unexpected, as seen in the Being the Elite video above (from February) he looked to grow tired of the drama among the rest of the group. Near the end of the video, Rhodes and Omega had to be held apart from each other in the locker room while Tonga sat there basically motionless throughout the whole scene.


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