Tama Tonga was recently locked out of Twitter and he returned with a mission to find out who snitched on him. Tonga sent out a tweet stating that he has narrowed Roman Reigns down as a culprit.

Reigns threw a dig at Tonga following a promo The Firing Squad leader cut (Note: Tonga’s promo is NSFW) during the G1 Climax Tournament. The Big Dog commented that what Tonga said sounded more like a Drake song which prompted a response from The OG Bullet Club member.

Meanwhile, Kenny Omega is trying to sort out if Reigns and Tonga are actually his friends or his enemies.

Omega’s problems with Tonga are obvious after Tonga, Tonga Loa, and Haku attacked the Bullet Club at NJPW G1 Special, earlier this month.

Omega’s issues with Reigns stemmed from an interview in December with Corey Graves where Reigns said he was the best in-ring performer today. Back in January, Omega spoke with Bleacher Report about Reigns’ proclamation.

“I don’t know if Roman was put up to saying a comment like that from a social media team or if it was something that he consciously thought of himself,” Omega said. “But I thought it was pretty smart of him to do ? to say ? that, because it became instantaneously a topic that people were talking about. And just because it sounds so ridiculous. You know what I mean? By no means do I actually think he believes in those words. There’s no possible way. … I don’t have to feel like I have to speak up about it. It is what it is, and I understand that it’s a fun thing for fans to generate interest in the product. I take absolutely zero offense in him saying it. Especially, since it’s quite clear that the fact of the matter is much, much different.”

In April, Omega also tweeted at Reigns on Twitter.