Kenny Omega Gives An Interesting Answer To Where NJPW Should Go Next In The US

At today's NJPW G1 Special press conference, Wrestling Inc. President Raj Giri asked IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kenny Omega where he'd like to see NJPW expand in the U.S. So far, the company has only held shows in California.

Omega said he wouldn't mind seeing a show take place in Alaska, partly because it's tough for fans in that state to see wrestling shows and wants NJPW to make it as fair as possible to show off their products to fans.

"I mean, this might sound strange, but maybe a place like Alaska? The reason why I say that is because geographically it might be the most difficult place for citizens of Alaska to travel outside of to get to [shows]," Omega said. "Like I said, I feel like if we're already making the strides to visit these new and exciting places, I want to make it as fair as possible for everyone to get to places we're going to. Of course, we can't travel to every state, we can't travel to every country, but for ease of travel and to spread our wealth - so to speak - it would be cool to do that. I'm not sure how much wrestling is in Alaska. I know they have independent promotions, but for me that sounds exciting and I think we'd reach a lot of new people and the people there would probably also appreciate it, as well."

As noted, NJPW President Harold Meij announced today the company will return to Long Beach, California on September 30 for The Fighting Spirit Unleashed. Meij also announced NJPW will hold two more events featuring the company's "young lions" on November 10 and 11 at the Anaheim Convention Center, which will be called The Lions Break.

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