Kenny Omega Says Cody Rhodes Match Is For Leader Of The Bullet Club, Latest "All Us" Video, ROH

- Above is episode 2 ("Level Up") of All Us from Cody's YouTube channel. In the video, Cody noted matches should be rolling out week-by-week for the upcoming September 1 event in Chicago. He toyed with the idea of not giving out any matches at all, but decided against it. They also profile MJF and Cody comments on his G1 Special IWGP Heavyweight Championship match against Kenny Omega.

"I love proving the fans I have, right. I adore it," Cody said. "Those who have jumped on this bandwagon, nothing makes me happier, but the only thing that's close is proving people wrong. And there's this whole perception of me that I'm not a 'wrestler's wrestler,' that I'm not a 'bell-to-bell guy.' I think we've moved on from the ex-WWE thing or just Dusty's son. I put the referee stripes on at 15, I started getting paid professionally do to this at 19. My body of work exists for a reason, I last, I endure. And this is one of those matches where you can stand out and you can last. I can't think of a more fitting tribute to my career than being the guy who defeats Kenny Omega. I mean he finally got it! 'No way does the IWGP Heavyweight title change hands!' But it does. Because of me."

- ROH has a couple events coming up later this month and in August, here's a look at where they're headed:

* Honor for All - Nashville, Tennessee (Live Event - July 20)
* Saturday Night at Center Stage - Atlanta, Georgia (TV Taping - July 21)
* Honor Re-United - Edinburgh (Tour - August 16)
* Honor Re-United - Doncaster (Tour - August 18)
* Honor Re-United - London - (Tour - August 19)
* Philadelphia Excellence - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (TV Taping - August 25)

- IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kenny Omega tweeted out that his upcoming match against Cody will not only be for the title, but for the leader of the Bullet Club. He noted that this will also be the last match between the two. The NJPW G1 Special will air live on AXS TV this Saturday at 8pm ET for those in the US. If you're outside the US, it will be live on NJPW World. Be sure to join us for complete live coverage this Saturday beginning at 8pm ET!


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