The IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kenny Omega spoke with Mel Magazine about trying to connect with fans on a deeper level, using reality based stories and emotions to get fans more invested in the stories being told.

Mel Magazine also caught up with Roman Reigns to hear his psychology about what Reigns brings to the table for fans to enjoy. Reigns pointed to his confidence as being the reason people react to him.

“That’s what makes me appealing? that I’m confident, I believe in myself and I think everybody can relate to that,” Reigns explained. “That’s something everybody should relate to. It’s called self-esteem for a reason. You can’t get it from anybody else. If I project that, if I portray that, it’s empowering to so many people who are a little insecure, who get nervous.”

Omega was told Reigns’ comments about portraying a character of confidence, but Omega thought there should be a wider ranger of emotions – both good and bad – that fans will pick up on.

“[Laughs] It also doesn’t seem true, either,” Omega said. “People go through [heartbreak] in all walks of life, regardless of age, sex, religion or whatever. There are times you break up with a loved one, a friend or whatever. You feel alone. It’s a very easy feeling to understand?the feeling of loss, heartache and pain. So I’ve put myself in a position to feel pain alongside with the fans.”

Omega didn’t put it all on Reigns though, pointing to WWE having to create a lot of content and sometimes keeping things as simple as possible is what’s necessary.

“[WWE] keeps it simple, because they feel as simple as possible is best. It’s the easiest to book for television as well,” Omega continued. “You can micromanage things to the second that way. If there’s real emotion you can’t. … Even if you can’t really understand what’s going on [as a child], you can feel, and as long as you can feel something, it’s better than coming out of it and feeling nothing.”

Omega also discussed his story with Kota Ibushi and standing out by being different. You can check out the full interview by clicking here.