Kevin Kelly Talks Not Knowing Match Finishes, Danger Level Rising In Matches, Okada Vs. Kenny Omega

Kevin Kelly spoke with Sporting News on the G1 Climax matches, being in the dark with how matches will end, and calling Okada vs. Omega. Here are some of the highlights:

Calling the classic title match between Kazuchika Okada and Kenny Omega at Dominion:

"To be in that moment and to realize we're witnessing history but, in that match, right at the end, if you go to the last minute of the match and the two men are completely spent and each of them is laying with their head on the bottom rope side-by-side, that was where I knew we are seeing one of the greatest matches of all time. And I knew, in that moment, the end was near. This was just the beginning of the final scene. Sure enough, it was. Omega gets up, hits the ropes, V-Trigger, One-Winged Angel, and we've got a new champ. I wanted to jump up and scream. I wanted to applaud."

Not knowing the finishes to matches:

"None of us know what's going to happen. Let's see how it unfolds. I do my best to weave in history and if there's any opportunity to say this happened in a previous match and here was the outcome as a result. Those moments are made so much better because, it's like, I know what I'm doing. I know how to call a wrestling match. Let's see what's going on."

In regards to the high expectations of the G1 Climax, is there a concern of the danger level rising in matches:

"It's a fear, it's concern. It's something to keep an eye on. From the fans' perspective, is there an opportunity for a let down? Is there an opportunity for disappointment? I think we're prisoners of the moment and I think the snap reaction was that last year's G1 was the greatest of all-time. People would say that after each night. How could tomorrow top it? It just does. Hopefully, that comes from not how high we can jump off of something. What story can we tell that's unique, that hasn't been told before, and will never be told again."

Kelly also discussed working on having English commentary for every live event and Okada's title record run. You can check out the full interview by clicking here.