Lucha Underground Results (7/18): Pentagon Dark Vs Cage - Lucha Underground Championship Match

It's time to go back to The Temple for another episode of Lucha Underground. You can check out Luch Underground Wednesdays on El Rey Network at 8 pm. We appreciate you checking out the results here at Wrestling Inc though.

- On last week's episode: Four ancient Aztec medallions were up for grabs. Mil Muertes defeated Cage in a brutal encounter. The Rabbit Tribe also seem to be on their way back to The Temple.

- On tonight's episode: Cage has a chance to face Pentagon Dark for the Lucha Underground Championship. The Rabbit Tribe are back, and The Ancient Aztec Medallions form The Gift Of The Gods for next week's match. Worldwide Underground and The Reptiles' feud rages on as well.

Paul London vs Dezmond X

Paul London and The Rabbit Tribe walked to the ring looking serious. London took the right to Dezmond pretty quickly. He choked him against the ropes and then The Rabbit Tribe held him still so London could kick him a couple of times. This match is for an Ancient Aztec Medallion as well.

London followed X outside and dragged him back to the ring where he continued his assault. X came back with a back elbow and a cutter before London took control once more. Dezmond hit a splash off the top for a two count.

London and X both traded spots where they missed each other in charges to the turnbuckles. X jumped up top and London moved by X landed on his feet. London hit a codebreaker but couldn't make the pin. Suddenly, Dezmond rolled Paul London up for the win.

Winner: Dezmond X

- Antonio Cueto was in the ring and a "Papa Cueto" chant broke out. He congratulated Dezmond X for being the final competitor for the Gift Of The Gods match next week. He said next week is going to be epic because of all the main event caliber talent in the match.

Then it was time for everyone to come out and place their Ancient Aztec Medallions in the spots they go in on the title belt. Dragon Azteca Jr, King Cuerno, Ivelisse, Dezmond X, Son Of Havoc, The Mack, and Mil Muertes all came down, placed their medallions in the title and got in the ring.

Antonio said, "now that I have you all here, let's have some fun." He said he always found seven to be an unlucky number. He said next week only six would be competing for the Gift Of The Gods title. So he booked an impromptu Battle Royal and the winner gets to choose who doesn't get to compete next week.

Battle Royal Match

King Cuerno was eliminated and then Ivellise was tossed on top of him. Dezmond X followed. Mil was doing a ton of these eliminations. Suddenly, Havoc and Mack tossed Mil over the top rope.

Mack and Havoc were last in the ring. The looked each other over and a 2/3 of the Trios Champions didn't seem to want to fight. So Havoc did a top rope dive on everyone eliminating himself.

Winner: The Mack

Antonio asked The Mack who he wants to kick out of next week's match. The Mack said he likes to think he's not afraid of any man but, Mil Muertes scares the s-word out of him. So he kicked Mil out. Then Mil destroyed everyone in a rage.

Vibora vs Johnny Mundo

Mundo and Vibora traded some moves for a stalemate. Then Taya and Kobra Moon got involved. Taya took Moon out and Mundo took Vibra down with some knees and a standing moonsault. Vibra sat up with Mundo out of the pinfall and slammed him down. Then Vibora hit a splash in the corner and a running big boot.

Vibora hit another punishing move that looked like it was going to be a burning hammer but he flipped him around for a faceplant. Mundo came back with a rana and climbed to the top rope. Vibora sat up and stared up at Mundo so Johnny hit a flipping slash on Moon instead.

Mundo and Taya gave them the finger and Vibora chased him. PJ Black showed up and whacked Vibora with a chair while Taya distracted the referee. Then they put Vibora back in the ring and Mundo hit the End Of The World. 1-2- kick out!

Mundo superkicked the referee down and Worldwide Underground invaded the ring. The wrapped a chair around Vibora's neck and just as they were about to do something, Drago jumped in and so did Daga. The Reptile Tribe ran off Taya and PJ Black leaving Mundo and Vibora in the ring.

Vibora ducked a chair shot and hit a kick to the face followed by a powerbomb, a chokeslam, and a standing moonsault for a two count. "This is awesome" chants broke out in The Temple.

Suddenly, Ricky Mundo pulled Johnny out of the ring and Vibora hit a dive on them both. Mundo got up and landed a trio of kicks to the head followed by a headbutt from Vibora. Mundo landed a kick from the apron, but Vibora grabbed him and hit a massive chokeslam for the win.

Winner: Vibora

The Worldwide Underground arrived afterward with chairs and they laid everyone out. Then the Reptiles jumped in and got some revenge. It all broke into a melee as the two factions fought in the ring to close the segment.

- XO Lishus did a promo/ Flashdance parody. It was pretty funny.

- Jack Evans was talking to a doll backstage and Ricky Mandel said they could have really used him out there. Evans said Mundo knew he didn't do Reptiles. Then Mandel left and the doll suggested Evans do bad things to Mandel. Evans said Johnny would be mad. This was very creepy.

Cage vs Pentagon Dark - Lucha Underground Championship Match

Cage knocked Penta out of the ring from the bell and they started fighting around the ring. Penta came back with some kicks, but Cage delivered a forearm to slow him down. Cage bounced Penta off the announce table and slammed him down on the cement.

Penta fought back and choked Cage with a camera wire. The referee got in the way of that spot and Cage slammed Penta into the ring apron before launching him into the crowd.

Cage tied Pentagon's mask to the steel barricade and proceeded to beat him with his fists and feet. Then he started looking under the ring for toys. Cage got a chair and Penta ducked under Cage's chair shot at the last second.

Penta came back with some strikes on the outside and the "Cero Miedo" chants broke out. Cage reversed out of a package piledriver and hit a bucklebomb. Then Cage suplexed Pentagon into the ring from the apron for a two count.

Pentagon Dark hit a lung blower for a two count. Cage hit an electric chair drop to a facebuster for another two count. Penta returned with a flipping piledriver and a package piledriver for the win.

Winner: Pentagona Dark

-After the match was over, Pentagon Dark showed Cage his title and held him down before breaking Cage's arm. Cage was too strong so Penta couldn't break his arm. Instead, Cage got up with Penta into a fireman's carry and send him crashing into his own title belt. Cage picked up the microphone and said Penta can't break his arm because he's not a man, he's a machine.


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