Marc Mero On Vince McMahon Wanting To Make Him World Champion, Wrestlers Refusing To Work With Him

As previously noted, former WWE Intercontinental Champion Marc Mero recently spoke to the Noonan Speaks podcast. Among many other things, Mero talked about WWE's big expectations for him upon his arrival to Titan Tower in 1996. Also, Mero shared his thoughts on his WWE run and whether he has any regrets about his pro wrestling career.

According to Mero, there was talk of putting the WWE Championship on him immediately upon arriving at WWE. Mero said he got the Intercontinental Championship, but that did not work out either. 'The Wild Man' claimed that nothing was the same after his knee injury.

"I mean, at that time, when I first came in, Vince [McMahon] talked about wanting to put the world strap on me right away." Mero recalled, "I mean, he had such big hopes for me, and, unfortunately, it did not go [that way]. They gave me the Intercontinental strap, and, of course, that didn't go well and I blew out my knee. And at that time, it was eight months off. And in that eight months, coming back it was never the same.

Mero shared that he does not blame anyone for his WWE career not panning out the way he hoped.

"Unfortunately, it just didn't work out and I don't blame anybody. I blame myself really, but it's so crazy because even though that character didn't work out, I'm married, I'm in love with my wife [Sable] and her character takes off. It was like me becoming successful too because we were one." Mero added, "she did really well and I couldn't be happier for her or for us in our marriage."

Although Mero has no regrets about his pro wrestling odyssey, he noted that some other male talents would not work with him after he took the Sable Bomb.

"I have no regrets." Mero continued, "I mean, people say I ended my [pro wrestling] career when I allowed her to Sable Bomb me, the powerbomb, in one of our disagreements we had in the ring. I understood a lot of guys wouldn't work with me after that because they said I allowed a girl to beat me up on national TV. But, again, remember, we were a married couple. We realized that this was only going to be a short part of our lives and we would be able to live the rest of our lives financially secure, so, at that time, you don't think about maybe the other side, the detrimental effects. I mean, somebody could look at that later in life and not understand how someone could think like that. That I could certainly understand and respect it. But I would not change anything. I couldn't be happier in my own life now."

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Source: Noonan Speaks