Mark Cuban Says NJPW Has The Best Pro Wrestling And Storytelling In The World

CEO of AXS TV, Mark Cuban, spoke with Sports Illustrated's Extra Mustard about WWE's TV deal, NJPW being the best in the world, and NJPW's new President. Here are some of the highlights:

NJPW being the best in the world:

"We are always looking for great content for the network and New Japan Pro Wrestling is the best pro wrestling in the world. AXS TV has a great track record of acquiring top international content in sports and entertainment and adapting it for the U.S. market. ... New Japan is the best in the business at long-term storytelling that has a payoff. The tension between Kenny Omega and Cody has been building on AXS TV since June of 2017 when Cody tried to 'throw in the towel' during Kenny's title shot with Okada. Add in the iconic voice and storytelling of wrestling Hall of Famer Jim Ross and MMA champ Josh Barnett for July 7, and you have must-see TV."

WWE receiving massive TV deals with NBCU (USA Network) and FOX:

"No, I'm not surprised. WWE provides 52 weeks a year of solid ratings for both RAW and SmackDown."

NJPW's new President, Harold George Meij:

"Our team is excited by the recent hiring of Harold George Meij as the new CEO of New Japan Pro Wrestling. His stated goal of increasing the amount of English content and increasing the international fanbase offers many opportunities for us to work together. We look forward to hearing his long-term strategy and having AXS TV play a major role in New Japan's U.S. expansion efforts."

Cuban also discussed the upcoming G1 Special, which will we have complete live coverage of this Saturday at 8pm ET. You can check out the full interview by clicking here.


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