Hulk Hogan’s suspension from the WWE Hall Of Fame is now over and he was backstage at Extreme Rules where he spoke to the WWE locker room. This was also recorded by a WWE Network crew for a future documentary.

Mark Henry spoke to Busted Open Radio about Hogan’s return to the WWE fold. Henry said he spoke to Hogan about how he’s willing to make things right. Hogan has been working to address these issues and talking to the locker room was a big first step Henry was hoping for.

“The first thing I thought was I’m hoping he is able to address everybody and voice some concerns. He made an announcement. He apologized. He’s done a lot of stuff with the Boys And Girls Club. But I didn’t want to lose track of the fact that there’s more work to be done and I think that’s going to happen.”

Henry was asked if he feels Hogan is willing to go through the steps needed in order to reconcile and put the situation surrounding his suspension behind him. He was positive about the efforts Hogan is willing to go through in order to fix things.

“Yes, and when talking to him yesterday he’s willing to. I was very optimistic after talking to him. He’s like, ‘Mark I’ll do whatever. Because I want people to see my heart not what I said anymore. It’s an embarrassing thing. I go places and I see people giving me a look I’m not used to getting and it’s been that way since that time.’ He said, ‘I can’t live with it like that. I gotta fix it.’ And I was like, ‘great, you’re willing to fix it? I’m willing to help.'”