Mark Henry Wants WWE To Add Gail Kim To Upcoming All Women's "Evolution" PPV

Evolution isn't the first all-female professional wrestling event ever, but it's the first promoted by WWE. Charlotte Flair recently called into Busted Open Radio where she opened up about her desire to be in the main event of the historic show.


The Evolution pay-per-view will be loaded with Superstars from WWE's past, present, and future. Flair will always want to be in the main event, but she won't be disappointed if someone else gets that spot.

"I want to be the main event but again," Charlotte admitted. "It's an all women's pay-per-view and the card is extremely stacked and if people have been paying attention it's 'Then, Now, Forever.' So I think we have women from the past obviously Lita and Trish are confirmed, but no one knows what role they'll be playing as well as NXT being involved.

"With my competitive nature, I want to be in the main event, but knowing I shouldn't be disappointed because there is going to be so much brilliant talent on the show that night."


Mark Henry, who is a co-host on Busted Open Radio, interjected his wishes for the Evolution event. He hopes WWE will reach out to Gail Kim to appear on the show, even though she stated that she won't be there.

Henry also proposed WWE open their doors for women's wrestling from any pro wrestling company from around the globe. Evolution should be a celebration of women's wrestling and something wrestlers from other companies could take back to their home promotion and be proud to have been a part of.

"I hope in all the worls of worlds that WWE reaches out to Gail Kim," Henry said. "She's one of my favorites and I'm not just saying that because we're friends. I'm saying that from a professional talent standpoint. There's very few women that have put the psychology into their matches and the storytelling that Gail has.

"You know I just really, really hope that there are people outside of the other companies that can respect what WWE is enough to say, 'we want our women's champion to be involved in something like that.' Because it means a lot to the world of women's wrestling, not just WWE. You know the Tessa Blanchards of the world. There are several high-level female wrestlers in the world. I hope Jazz is able to come back and experience this and people that have opened the doors and paved the way for that to happen.


"I think it should be cross-branded. I think all women should be included and not just WWE because I think it would make more impact for people to go back to their specific places in the world of women's wrestling knowing that they were a part of a movement of something that was bigger than wrestling. I think that's what's going to happen, it's gonna be bigger than wrestling."

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