Matt Hardy Says Bray Wyatt Alliance Has More Potential If Given The Opportunity, Talks Brother Nero

Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt are Raw Tag Team Champions, but even before the Hardys came back to WWE, Bray and Matt communicated online. In 2016 while Hardy was still under contract with Impact Wrestling, Wyatt told Matt he knew where to find him which is exactly what happened.

Wyatt and Hardy feuded into an Ultimate Deletion match and now the two are a team. While speaking to The Philly Voice, Hardy was asked about his Twitter feud with Wyatt over a year and a half ago and if it went away when Hardy returned to WWE.

"Long-term booking, my friend," Hardy said. "I think Bray is an extremely talented competitor and performer. I'm a big fan of his work. I'm glad I was able to cure him of Sister Abigail and now we're teaming up. I think there's still a much bigger potential with the two of us if we get the opportunity to explore that role, which is something we're working on right now and it'll happen eventually."

Jeff Hardy had to take time off and heal an injured shoulder and soon after returning he was placed on a different brand than his brother. Matt was asked if he thought Jeff would be placed with him and Wyatt upon his return. Jeff is back in his Charismatic Enigma gimmick on SmackDown Live complete with complex makeup, but you never know when Brother Nero might make a return.

"I didn't know. Those types of things are obviously over my head. I would love to have Jeff involved. Jeff is totally fine being on his own as the 'Charismatic Enigma' Jeff Hardy. He's totally fine being Brother Nero. I think Brother Nero would be good for him for career longevity, but I think Jeff can go to SmackDown and be amazing and be the 'Charismatic Enigma' and he can do everything he can do in that persona, and if we need to utilize him as Brother Nero, we can do that whenever."


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