Matt Jackson On If The Young Bucks Are Considering Signing With WWE

The Young Bucks are the current IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Champions. The Jackson Brothers have collected gold all over the world, but have never signed with WWE. As their ROH contracts come to a close at the end of 2018, the thought is present that a WWE run could be possible.

Matt Jackson recently opened up a Q&A on his Instagram where he answered ten questions. He revealed a couple of interesting things concerning The Young Bucks' future during the mini-Q&A.

The Young Bucks current contracts with NJPW and ROH expire at the end of the year. When asked if they were considering a WWE run next year, Matt replied, "I'm considering everything right now."

Another fan asked Matt, "do you have any plans for retirement? How long do you guys plan on wrestling?"

Jackson was succinct and vague when he answered, "much shorter than people imagine."

Jackson added that he doesn't consider The Bucks to be the greatest tag team of all time, "but that's the goal by the end."

The Young Bucks successfully defended their IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championships at NJPW's G1 Special in San Francisco last Saturday. The 'All In' event will take place on September 1st.


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