Matt Riddle On Possibly Coming To WWE: "It's Highly Likely That It Could Definitely Happen"

Matt Riddle is expected to be appearing in WWE soon enough. He canceled upcoming independent wrestling dates and closed up his online shop, which are both signs of a possible WWE run.

Riddle spoke to The PWI Podcast recently where he elaborated on his chances of coming to WWE. He is content working his current schedule where he gets to pick his appearances, but a WWE run is still likely.


"I don't want to say inevitable because you never know but it's possible," Riddle replied. "It's highly likely that it could definitely happen. You know right now I'm pretty content. I do very well on the independent scene."

The King Of Bros first entered into the public eye as a competitor on The Ultimate Fighter where he broke Dan Simmler's jaw in his first fight. Known for his constant smile, Riddle lost his second fight in the competition after an armbar from Tim Credeur, but he remained a fan favorite.

Since starting his professional wrestling career in 2014, Riddle gets to pick what professional wrestling companies he works for and how much he wants to travel to maintain his name's value on the independent wrestling circuit.


WWE might be tempting for Riddle, but at this time he said he likes the position he's currently carved out for himself in the professional wrestling landscape.

"You know I work every weekend. I kind of get to make my own schedule so sometimes I stack my schedule hard and then I get to have a couple of weeks to myself. I kinda like what I do right now. It's up to me. Sometimes I double-book myself and that's a little upsetting but even with that I really like the position I'm in, you know?

"I get to travel, I get to wrestle the way I like to wrestle," Riddle continued. I think that's another reason why I'm in the situation I'm in, I get to choose where I work. I work with really good companies, I try to make myself valuable, you know. So it's just one of those things."

When asked if Riddle had any interest in returning to UFC, he was quick to reply, "I've completely put it in the past."

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