Former WWE Women’s Champion and Virginia native Mickie James was interviewed by Virginia This Morning to promote her upcoming country music album as well as her current WWE run. James stated that although she learned how to play the violin at eight years old, she did not start diligently writing music until her WWE career, as she would listen to the radio and have time to write during the long travel hours.

Since the life of a WWE superstar can have both a physical and emotional toll, James stated that writing music actually became a balance to her hectic schedule, and she feels blessed to have a music career outside of WWE. James also commented on her current WWE run, and how she has different goals than her first one.

“It’s incredible,” said James. “I just came back for my second run, and it was kind of a surprise for me. Especially coming back after having a son, and he’s going on four years old… but to come back after that, it’s definitely changed my perception and my goals, I think, of why I’m doing a lot of the things that I’m doing. When you’re young and you’re having fun and you’re traveling around the world, you’re just spending money and doing whatever. But now, it’s like, [I’m thinking about] college funds.”

Although James used her spare time during her first WWE run to write tunes, she took advantage of her time in Impact wrestling to really get her country music career off the ground. With her “Hardcore Country” theme song, James had the opportunity to showcase her music walking to the ring, as well as the promotion from the company. She even had the opportunity to perform the song at a TNA event in 2010, with some help from Eric Young before having a melee with then-rival Tara (Victoria).

James made her WWE return in 2016 in NXT against Asuka, and re-debuted on the main roster by assisting Alexa Bliss during her feud with Becky Lynch. Although she had a short feud with Bliss over the Raw Women’s Championship, James has spent most of her time in her current WWE run as the fall person for Bliss’ feuds with Lynch, Nia Jax, and Ronda Rousey.

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Source: Virginia This Morning