"Miz And Mrs." S1E1 Recap: Miz Thinks Maryse Is Going Into Labor Backstage At WWE Event

Don't expect Miz and Mrs. to be anything like Total Divas or Total Bellas. In fact, Mike "The Miz" Mizanin himself has said that the show is more Curb Your Enthusiasm and less of the flagship E! reality shows.

And there are a number of reasons why this WWE-based reality show — the first for the USA Network, perhaps looking to fill the void left by moving SmackDown Live! to Fox — works so much better than the others.

Aside from the fact that The Miz and Maryse seem to have a healthy, quasi-normal relationship — and a genuine affection for one another — The Miz has done non-WWE reality TV before, having gotten his start on MTV's The Real World all those years ago. So, perhaps better than anyone else in the organization, he knows what makes for good reality television, and what's little more than hand-over-fist hamminess and an obvious work.

Maryse, for her part, got her start on the Diva Search, where The Miz was a judge. So, while she doesn't have that "mainstream" reality TV experience that her husband has, she's had to ham it up sometimes for Total Divas, and she has somewhat of a semblance of what does and doesn't work.

So, we kick off the show just a few months before the couple's adorable baby girl, Monroe Sky, is born in March.

Maryse is doing a "pregnancy photo shoot," which is all the rage these days with expectant mothers, and Miz shows up in his birthday suit because he "misunderstood the directions" about what the shoot was going to entail. A bit corny, perhaps, but definitely endearing.

Then, we realize that the couple is packing up their home in Los Angeles and moving the family — both the two-legged and the four-legged members — to Austin, TX. Maryse, with her pregnancy in full bloom, is looking to take a private jet, but The Miz wants to Winnebago it cross-country (because there's nothing a pregnant woman loves more than being on a road trip for a long period of time), and Pumpkin the dog agrees by kissing Miz on the face. The couple also negotiates the possibility of a chartered bus to their new, expanded homestead in the Great State of Texas.

And, finally, we catch the couple on the Road to WrestleMania, where Miz is off to fight while Maryse pays a visit to some of her girlfriends. While she's IG Live-ing (is that a word?) with Renee Young, she thinks she's going into labor, which sends Titus O'Neil on a wild chase backstage to find her husband. But, by the time The Miz finds her, she's at the crafts services table as though nothing has happened. Hilarity ensues!

There are quite a few hilarious interactions between The Miz and Maryse's mom, Marjo, as well — which are reminiscent of Daniel Bryan's interactions with Nikki and Brie's mother in their sincerity (remember the skydiving episode of Total Bellas?).

Overall, the show is much more slickly produced, and much better coordinated, than anything in the Total Divas franchise. While The Miz doesn't want you, the viewer, to get confused about what's real and what isn't — that he understands the difference between reality and "our reality" — he's not sociopathic about it, nor is he trying to pass over an obvious "work" on the audience. Rather, he prefers to pick and choose what he and Maryse want you to see — giving you the best snippets of his life, rather than script a whole different one and foist it on the audience — and that makes the couple's journey to parenthood even more endearing.

Miz and Mrs. airs every Tuesday night at 10:00 p.m. EST on the USA Network.