MLW: Fusion Results (7/13): Jake Hager Vs 'Filthy' Tom Lawlor, Joey Janela Vs MJF

It's time for another action-packed episode of MLW: Fusion. Thank you for checking out the coverage on Wrestling Inc. You can check out MLW: Fusion on BEin Sports Fridays at 8pm.

On last week's episode: ACH and Rich Swann defeated Team Filthy, Sammy Guevara got the ax from Selina de la Renta, and Low Ki dominated to prove his point. The main event was a Boiler Room Brawl that saw Sami Callihan defeat MVP in a brutal contest.


On tonight's episode: MJF met "Bad Boy" Joey Janela in the ring to continue their feud. Barrington Hughes invites someone to step up to him. Jason Cade, Jimmy Yuta and Rhett Giddins face Colonel Parker's Stud Stable. Of course, Tony Schiavone and Rich Bocchini called the action ringside.

- They showed footage of Shane Strickland who was attacked backstage. He was reportedly taken to Winterpark Hospital after the assault.

Stud Stable vs Team TBD and Rhett Giddins

Mike Parrow joined the Dirty Blondes for this match making the Stud Stable even larger. Cade and Yuta had Giddins on their side too which was helpful.

The two big men in the match eventually slugged it out and Parrow nailed a knee to take Giddins down but he returned fire with a dropkick. Yuta tagged in and took Parrow down with an enziguri kick but Parrow took him down with a slam for a two count. The Dirty Blondes traded out without tagging while the referee had his back turned and he didn't notice.


Yuta continued to take abuse as Parrow launched him across the turnbuckle. Patrick took the tag and Yuta kept taking abuse. Cade got the tag eventually and fired on Patrick. Cade hit a splash for a two count when Brien broke up the pinfall.

Choas soon broke out and there was a miscommunication between Team TBD. Cade got pushed off the top rope and Patrick hit a powerslam for the win.

Winners: The Stud Stable.

Barrington Hughes vs Jaye Skye

This match was quick and not pretty. Hughes started before the bell and crushed Skye. It was a squash match.

Winner: Barrington Hughes

- It was revealed that Strickland's attacker wasn't Low Ki because he is training elsewhere.

MJF vs Joey Janela

Janela took the fight to MJF early on and the action moved outside the ring. Janella took a bump into the ring and turned things around for MJF. Janella dove on MJF and it sent the two of them toppling through the chairs.

Janela climbed up top but MJF knocked the rope and crotched him. Then MJF hit a superplex for a near fall. MLF hit a piledriver with the assistance of the ropes and then he got ahold of a chair. He hit Janela in the cut but he returned with a superkick into the chair for the win.

Winner: Joey Janela


-MJF cut a promo at the top of the ramp saying he got cheated out of a victory. He said Janela isn't a real man and got attacked for it. There was a pull-apart between the two of them.

Jake Hager vs "Filthy" Tom Lawlor

Schiavone said this was Bellator vs UFC. After feeling each other out a little, Lawlor and Hager traded holds. Lawlor tried to get a triangle choke but Hager rolled him into a pin but Filthy stayed latched onto him and got powerbombed down for his trouble.

Lawlor took some more punishment from Hager who kept at Filthy no matter how hard he tried to mount a comeback. Filthy then took control for a moment but Jake put him down with a kick while Lawlor wasn't looking. Jake choked Lawlor by using the ropes but Tom fought back with a series of moves and a lariat for a two count.

Lawlor sent Hager into the ring post and Jake started selling his shoulder. The two traded shots while Hager was one-armed. Lawlor tried to suplex Hager but he grabbed the top rope and stopped him. Lawlor hit a discus lariat and sent Hager back down. Jake reversed Lawlor and locked on an ankle lock that Lawlor reversed into a rear naked choke.

The Dirty Blondes hit the ring and attacked Lawlor. The bell rang as Simon Gotch tried to get involved but he was taken out too. The Stud Stable left everyone laying as they left. Team Filthy wasn't happy about this at all as they popped up.


- Filthy Tom cut a promo on the Stud Stable and said if they put them out to stud they couldn't get the job done anymore. He's the #1 contender for the MLW World Title. He's going to NYC (which he hates) and he's winning Battle Riot. Because MLW stands for "Major Lawlor Wrestling."