Mojo Rawley Shows Off Nasty Bruise, Rips Tyler Breeze's Performance On RAW

Above is video of Mojo Rawley talking to the WWE cameras after his win over Tyler Breeze on last night's RAW.

"The only reason I gave Tyler Breeze a rematch in the first place was because I admire his persistence," Rawley said. "But you're going to demand a rematch and then deliver that kind of performance? You better give me something bigger, you better give me something better because that's 6 weeks of ass kickings. That's 1 week of Monday Night RAW that I can't even get back. It's time for something better. Enough is enough."

Mojo also showed off a nasty bruise on his leg and said he's not worried about it because he's now focused & undeterred. Mojo tweeted:


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