Moose On If He Plans To Win Any Of Austin Aries' Other Titles After Slammiversary

Moose is set to challenge Austin Aries for the Impact World Championship at Slammiversary on July 22nd. Toronto's Rebel Entertainment Complex is sold out for the event, and the challenger seems ready for what Aries calls the biggest match of Moose's career.

Moose recently spoke to Wrestling Inc. founder Raj Giri to discuss the upcoming match. Aries has said Moose is using pro wrestling as his second passion. Moose spent six years in the NFL as an offensive tackle and guard for various teams. Moose didn't seem to let Aries' words about his dedication bother him as he commented on A Double's famous ability to trash talk.

"Aries is known for his trash talk and I'm not gonna go there with him," Moose said. "I mean he can believe whatever he believes. I know what's true and there's that."

Aries is an eighteen-year veteran of the pro wrestling business. Moose discussed how he thinks Aries carries himself as Impact World Champion and admitted he is a good champion. Moose does have a game plan and knows what he needs to do in order to accomplish his goal.

"I mean he's been a good champion," Moose admitted. "I mean guess so, he's been a decent champion. I have a lot of respect for Aries. He is the Belt Collector, he does carry all the titles from a lot of independent promotions around. I mean he's a veteran of the game.

"I could sit here and list a bunch of things, accomplishments Aries has had. Or you would Wikipedia it. I know what my game plan is for Sunday and what I need to do to fulfill my game plan to come home with the Impact World Championship."

Moose also said that fans could expect to see him demonstrate some action that they haven't seen in a while from him. A title shot at Slammiversary is as good of a place as any to bring out some rarely seen maneuvers. He continued saying he plans on giving it his all on Sunday.

"[I plan] to pull a bunch of tricks out of my toolbox that some people haven't seen before and some they have. Things I haven't done in a long time. I mean I'm putting it all on the table and leaving it all in the ring. It sounds cliche-ish but that's exactly what I'm gonna do."

Aries is the Belt Collector. Even if he drops the Impact World Title to Moose, he will still have a few belts to carry around. Moose commented on whether he might go after some of Aries' other titles next. He didn't seem interested in the other titles that Aries owns.

"I only care about the World Title from the little collection that he has. I really don't care about any of those other titles."