Moose On "The Attitude Era" Being The Best Time For The Business, Not Liking His Name Originally

Moose recently spoke to Wrestling Inc. President Raj Giri. The former NFL player faced Austin Aries at Slammiversary last Sunday. As he prepared for his big match, Moose admitted the transition between professional football and wrestling wasn't hard at all for him. He had the passion to make it work and acknowledged that helps make anything easier.


"Honestly it wasn't hard at all," Moose said. "When you have a passion to do something, everything that comes along that journey is easy. So I had a strong passion to become a professional wrestler so everything came easy."

Moose said his journey was easier because he had the passion, but he didn't always love his name. He admitted that although he didn't like the name Moose, it started to grow on him and now he makes a living with the alias.

"Just like any name you get you hate it when you first receive the nickname," Moose said. "It's one of those things that as much as I hated it, everyone kept calling me that. Now I make money off the name."

Moose was a big fan of pro wrestling when he was younger. "The big two [were] definitely Razor Ramon and Ric Flair," he said when naming his favorites in the ring while growing up. Now he has a chance to carry on that confidence and charisma in his own career. Although Moose is competing to make this new era of wrestling his for the taking, he said the Attitude Era is his favorite era of pro wrestling.


"I would say the Attitude Era is my favorite era of wrestling and most people would give you the same answer. Because everything was a little bit... it wasn't PG. It was more hardcore."

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