News On Saturday Night's Main Event And NXT Being A Part Of WWE - FOX Deal

With WWE officially announcing their new television deal with FOX, there has been a lot of speculation about other programming airing on the network, or their sister channel, FS1. There was a report that Saturday Night's Main Event, which actually aired twice on FOX in 1992, might return to the network and that an announcement will come later this year or in early 2019. The report added that FOX has also agreed in principle to air NXT on FS1, although the contract hasn't been signed yet.


On the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer said that while it's possible, he was told by people in WWE and FOX that the story of adding Saturday Night's Main Event is not true. He said that sources on both sides were told that there would not be any "added wrestling programming."

As far as NXT moving to FS1, Meltzer once again said that while it's always possible, he was told that there "was no chance."

"I mean it's possible," Meltzer said. "I could only ask, and people that I've asked said that there's no announcements coming [and] there's nothing new. I mean, is it possible a year from now? Absolutely. Does it make sense? It actually does. If it makes sense, I could see it happening, but I was told not right now."


During a 30 minute media call last week discussing the new deal, WWE Co-President Michelle Wilson said that they are in talks with FOX about adding additional programming on both FOX Broadcast and FS1, but seemed to suggest that it would not be in-ring content, saying that the programming discussed "would highlight other activities in WWE." When FOX met with WWE regarding a deal in May, owner Rupert Murdoch had reportedly offered WWE a weekly studio show on FS1.