The Bella Twins were guests on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last night where the twins revealed a strategy they used to employ when breaking up with their boyfriends which resulted in a joke from Nikki Bella that wasn’t received very well.

Fallon asked The Bella Twins if there were any advantages to growing up with an identical twin. Nikki and Brie said if either of them wanted to end a relationship they would call the other twin’s boyfriend and break up for them.

“When we were young, we used to break up with boyfriends for each other,” Nikki said.

“Oh, all the time,” Brie agreed. “We never had to go through the emotions of a breakup because it was like, ‘you want to dump the guy?’ I’ll call them and be like, ‘hello, yeah I’m not into you, sorry.’ Then I would just go on with my day with no hurt feelings. [Nikki] would be like, ‘did you do it?’ I would say, ‘yeah, you’re good.'”

The Bella Twins’s telephone version of Twin Magic was a clever way to break up with their boyfriends when they were younger. Then Nikki asked Brie, “where were you a few months ago?” making reference to her breakup with Cena.

The comment received an audible gasp from the crowd even though Nikki directly followed her question with, “just kidding.” Brie said that would be a hard phone call to make as Fallon rebounded and carried on with the interview.

Nikki reportedly recently moved out of Cena’s house and is shopping for a new home on her own in San Diego’s La Jolla area. Nikki has been living at Cena’s home since their “breakup” but she wants to remain in the area so she can remain close to her twin sister.

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