Petey Williams spoke with the Wrestling Perspective Podcast on Trevor Lee, Impact’s latest TV tapings and thinking outside the box. Here are some of the highlights:

Production of the tapings:

“My one gripe is how hot the crowd was and how loud they were and you were like, ‘Man this is gonna come across great on television.’ For whatever reason, I don’t know how it comes across on television tonight, but it seems like the crowd is like the audible is down on it? I just remember it being a lot louder when I was there. But other than that, I guess that’s my only gripe. Just the mixing of the sound.

I’m trying to think of other little things that I caught because you know we’re filming there so now we have a whole new ring announcer and we have another referee that’s not one of … you know we have multiple referees but one of them we don’t usually use and then different camera crew and all that kind of stuff just because it cuts on travel costs and everything like that so there’s obviously gonna be hiccups and that’s normal, I guess.”

Impact creative going outside the box:

“If you look at last week’s Impact where Eddie Edwards breaks into his own home, apparently, and then his wife clears out all his stuff and then he looks into the mirror and Sami Callihan’s in the mirror. I think that works with Impact. If WWE does that, it’s gonna be like, “uh, right,” but it works with us because sometimes we go outside of the box and people are okay with that because it’s like, ‘Oh that’s a nice little cool produce segment’ and all that kind of stuff. I think people like that.”

The Windsor fans at the latest Impact tapings:

“That’s where [Scott D’Amore] runs Border City Wrestling. When he runs those Border City Wrestling shows, he pretty much runs two big shows a year, maybe six months apart we’ll just say, whenever they fall, like March and October or whatever. So if he does it right, we just filmed there in June, if we could come back there in let’s say December or something, I think the fans would be like, ‘I can’t wait for Impact to come back.’ If we did it every month, it definitely wouldn’t work. But if we tour around and then come back in December to that, I think for years the fans would pack that place and be into it and eat it up pretty much.”

Why Trevor Lee is booked as an enhancement talent:

“I wish I had an answer for that because I was watching the Rich Swann and Trevor Lee match and Trevor is just, I mean he’s so good, man, he’s just, he’s so good! I mean he’s that heel that … it’s not like he’s enhancement, it’s like he’s that heel that you’re gonna fight him and beat him before you’re gonna go on to challenge for the X-Division Title. It’s not like ‘Oh you’re the first guy that he beats’ even though it’s Rich Swann’s first match, but you know it’s Rich Swann. I don’t know, but I agree. Trevor’s so good and he’s such a good heel and he’s so good in the ring and stuff. I don’t know why.”

You can listen to the full interview on Soundcloud by clicking here.