– Above is the latest WWE Top 10 featuring Randy Orton’s most sadistic moments. The footage includes Orton lowblowing Daniel Bryan during a match, kicking Mick Foley down a flight of stairs, and most recently, tugging on Jeff Hardy’s ear.

– WWE UK Champion Pete Dunne, Trent Seven, and Tyler Bate will be joining the upcoming PROGRESS/EVOLVE tour in August. The tour dates are: August 4 (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), August 5 (Melrose, Massachusetts), August 11 (Chicago, Illinois), and August 12 (Livonia, Michigan). Also featured on the tour: Mark Andrews, Toni Storm, Joey Janela, Austin Theory, AR Fox, and others.

– On a trip to Disney, Lio Rush wasn’t in such a great mood because he thinks the 205 Live GM, Drake Maverick, doesn’t see where the real money is and Rush is tired of answering questions about a guy (Akira Tozawa) he already beat. On this week’s show, Tozawa picked up a win and told Maverick he wanted a rematch against Rush. Maverick had quite the response to Rush’s complaints, subtly referencing his social media misstep when Emma was released.

“Trust me Lio, I know you’re a ’23 year old piece of gold,’ but remember what I said when I signed you: don’t do anything stupid on social media – you know what I’m talking about – don’t sit in any chairs you’re not supposed to, and don’t get on anybody’s nerves,” Maverick said. “You do that and you’re destined to be a WWE Cruiserweight Champion. Until then, I suggest you don’t think about me, you think about the challenge from Akira Tozawa for a rematch.”