Ric Flair Thought He Was In An Angle With The Four Horsemen After His Coma

Ric Flair suffered a health crisis last summer which resulted in him being put into a medically induced coma. Flair was able to pull through and recently discussed his health scare during Table For 3 as he spoke to Kurt Angle and Sting.

"The coma man, yeah that was the worst," Flair said

Flair was in a coma for eleven days and the ICU for thirty-one. The Nature Boy lost forty pounds and a lot of muscle mass during that period. Flair said for the first time in his life, he couldn't do a push-up.

"For a month I couldn't get out of a chair without somebody pulling me. It was ridiculous. I couldn't do anything. I couldn't even open up a Gatorade bottle, right? So I had to start from scratch."

Flair said he was experiencing waking dreams where he didn't remember even his own fiance. At one point, The Nature Boy thought he was in the Four Horsemen and working an angle. He wasn't coming around mentally and the doctors performed a multitude of CAT scans on the two-time WWE Hall Of Famer in the process.

"It was so bad they gave me twenty-one CAT scans while I was there in the thirty-one days. Because I wasn't coming [around mentally]." Flair said he doesn't remember much of this time but his fiance Wendy has told him all about it.

"I don't remember any of it," Flair continued. "It just wasn't getting better. My memory was like -- I was talking about things. I thought my daughter got married and I thought I was doing something with the Four Horsemen like I'm dreaming like I'm in a show.

"I was supposed to go to SummerSlam the day after I went in the hospital for SummerSlam and I dreamt I went to SummerSlam and all that."

Flair received plenty of support during this time from family, friends, and fans. He said it was overwhelming to see the outpouring of messages. He also revealed the number of missed text messages he had during his two-month medically mandated hiatus.

"It's funny, I ended up bragging about this but I was overwhelmed," Flair said. "I didn't have my phone for two months, right? I had 173 text messages from people. Like from [Kurt Angle and Sting] going 'hey' and it was really nice that people were caring, you know?"

Flair said his heart is good and he has a pacemaker now. "I'm the $6 Million Man... 1.3 actually."

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