Sasha Banks Feeling Left Out Of WWE Extreme Rules, Buddy Murphy - Muscle And Fitness, Dolph Ziggler

- Above, WWE uploaded Dolph Ziggler's theme to its WWEMusic YouTube channel. This theme is without the record scratch we've been hearing for the past couple months.

- Buddy Murphy was featured in a Muscle & Fitness article about his training and diet. Murphy spoke about with the constant travel he enjoys the challenge of finding gyms in each town he goes to.

"As soon as I put my bags down in the hotel, I'll do a search on my phone to find which local gyms are in my area," Murphy said. "One of my favorite things about traveling is experimenting with different workouts in different gyms. If I can't get to a Gold's Gym and I'm stuck in a small hotel gym and it's only got a medicine ball and a treadmill, how am I going to make sure I get a decent workout from this environment? I love that challenge."

- Earlier today, Sasha Banks tweeted out a photo of her Mattel figure sitting alone backstage with the caption "#ExtremeRules." Although she's currently in a feud (and counseling) with Bayley, neither are on tonight's card. It's expected the two will have a match at SummerSlam in Brooklyn, New York.


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