Scotty 2 Hotty And Rikishi Comment On Brian Christopher's Passing

Brian Christopher and Scotty 2 Hotty wrestled as Too Cool from 1999-2001 and picked up the WWE Tag Team Titles in the process. The team aligned themselves with Rikishi along the way and the three would regularly break out in a dance routine to become a highlight of any show. Christopher's former tag team partners took to social media to comment on Christopher's passing.


Scotty is now a coach at the WWE Performance Center and he responded via an Instagram message. He also included a picture of the three Too Cool members during their final appearance in a wrestling ring as a trio. Although Christopher and Scotty seldom had much to do with each other outside of the ring, he admitted that everything changed when Too Cool stepped through the curtain.

"This is from the last time that the three of us were in the ring together," Hotty wrote. "Brian and I were different people outside of the ring. We never traveled together, never roomed together, and never really hung out together. But, EVERY single time that we went through that curtain, we made magic together. Magic that will never be replaced. We were TOO COOL. I will you miss you BC."


WWE Hall Of Famer Rikishi also commented on Christopher's passing. Rikishi spoke about what he will never lose from his interactions with Christopher. His smile and laugh were notable, but Christopher's passion to entertain anyone he ever met remains a huge impression left on Rikishi.

"My uce Brian Christopher our last dance together," Rikishi wrote in his Instagram message. "Brian's living spirit was always his passion for adventure and love for the wrestling business!! What I will carry with me most is the Grandmasta's infectious smile and wicked laugh but most of all his passion to entertain each and every person he ever came in contact with. My condolences and respect goes out to King Jerry Lawler, his mother Kay, brother Kevin Lawler, and entire family. I'm sorry for your loss."