Seth Rollins And Dolph Ziggler Complained About Clock During WWE Extreme Rules PPV

As seen at Extreme Rules last night, most of the noise during the main event was fans counting down the clock for the Iron Man match between Seth Rollins and Dolph Ziggler. During the last 10 seconds of every minute, the fans counted down the clock and then made a buzzer noise, like the Royal Rumble buzzer.

At one point in the match WWE took down the clock, which led to fans chanting for it to return. Wrestling Inc. reader Ravi Kapoor passed along the video below which was near the 17:00 mark of the match, where Ziggler and Rollins complained about the clock after it was taken down.

"It's worse than when the clock was here," Ziggler said of the crowd reaction, while having Rollins in a sleeperhold. Rollins replied by saying something to the effect of, "That's why they should have left it running."

The clock did eventually return, and the countdown occurred almost every minute.


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