Sheamus On How SmackDown Is Different From RAW

Sheamus recently spoke with to promote Saturday's WWE live event in Canton, Ohio. The full interview is at this link and below are highlights:

Not stressing about what he can't control:

"You can only control what you have control of. The booking and writing, that's out of our control. We don't write the show, and we don't make the decisions on who wins and loses. In my whole career, I've never gone in and changed or tried to change any finish. There are people that have, but win, lose or draw, I just want to put on the best performance. For me, it's not about winning or losing. People know it's entertainment, and they know what the show is. Trust me, I've won a lot, and I'll probably win a lot more here, but the point is you do whatever you can do outside the realm of that."


The bond he has with Cesaro:

"We're brothers now. We have this great bond that's developed over the last couple years, and we've been successful together as a team or individually. There's nobody that can touch us in the ring. We argue, we fight and have our differences, but we get on. That's just like brothers."

"We look at it as a team, and we take care of things as a team. It's always what's best for the team and The Bar. We're the greatest, and we're not out there trying to steal each other's spotlight, we're out there to make each other look good. That's really all that matters."

Going to SmackDown from RAW this year:

"It's very relaxed here. It's not as pressurized, and it's also a shorter show, so there's limited spots, and they have to rotate the stories more. On a three-hour show it sometimes feels a little stretched, but with a two-hour show, I don't think there's any danger of anyone getting over-exposed here. We really haven't got started here yet. We're just waiting to get that opportunity to really kick things off."