Yesterday we asked who you thought was the most underrated WWE Superstar and Cesaro won the vote thanks to WWE inability to push him in a meaningful way, despite having immense talent. Lots of wrestlers were named in the comments for various reasons like never getting a proper push at all or to the level that they are actually working at.

Here’s some of the talent you mentioned: Chad Gable, Luke Harper, Becky Lynch, Curtis Axel, Heath Slater, Rusev, Ruby Riott, Buddy Murphy, Alicia Fox, Tyler Breeze, and The Miz.

Thanks to everyone who responded, here are some of the top comments:

AJ Brock:

“Heath Slater. Been saying it for years.”


“(Luke) Harper. He got that really exciting push last year and did really well and then it kind of fizzled out. He’s a really good tag team guy in probably the most relevant tag team on WWE TV currently, but I think he’s capable of much more.”


“Only Becky Lynch, in my opinion. Overlooked by the fans for the other in the horsewomen group despite being just as good. She always gets cheered. But she has the least die hard fans. She probably has the least number of haters compared to the other three. Overlooked by the management as well.”


“The Miz. His work is for main event status, yet he is being used as a mid carder.”


“Alicia Fox – even the producers bury her, no one has ever seen her use a moonsault on the main roster, she has so much in her arsenal that she isn’t allowed to use and has extremely good character work, she is well overdue a bit more exposure among the other higher tier women’s wrestlers.”

Billy Walker:

“Has to be Xavier Woods for me. He’s perceived as the mouthpiece of the New Day, yet whenever he has a rare one on one match, he always knocks it out the park. Even willing to take sick bumps like that powerbomb on the steel steps during Mania season. Guy is an absolute pro.”

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