Yesterday we asked who your favorite current WWE or NXT Champion was and it ended up being a landslide in favor of the WWE Champion AJ Styles. A few hedged that Styles' run hasn't been the best, but his in-ring skills still are among the elite. Somewhat surprisingly, Brock Lesnar received a number of votes, not sure if serious with those though. Alexa Bliss was up there too, for her consistently solid heel work.

Thanks to everyone who responded, here are some of the top comments:


"I am gonna go with AJ Styles. He may lacks of a good promotion and be treated as a midcard champ lately, but his matches are always decent to great and I can buy his fighting champion gimmick."

Chad Weber:

"Of all those champions I'd watch an AJ Styles match first. Followed by Dolph Ziggler. In my opinion, the two best in ring workers on that list. I do like the Alexa Bliss matches because she is so undersized versus everyone I like to see how she manages to get a win."


"Shayna Baszler. Shes booked as a legit credible champ who can instill fear just on reputation alone, then goes in the ring and justifies why she has that rep. When other women get in her face she brushes it off. Her commentary on this past Wednesdays NXT was spot on. 'What did you learn about Nikki Cross in your last match?' and she responded, 'I learned I can beat her.' Simple and true."

Eliminator Wukane:

"The workhorse Brock Lesnar."


"Shinsuke for sure. Even the minutest things he does seems entertaining once he turned heel."