Steve Austin On What Made Him Give Hope On Becoming A Rock N' Roll Singer

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin is known for many things and also by a few nicknames, but rock star is unfortunately not one of them. Austin once had dreams of being the frontman in a rock n roll band and was a proud member of the KISS Army well before he was dishing out Stone Cold Stunners. Sometimes all it takes is a little help along the way for you find your true passion and thankfully, Austin had his brother around.


Chris Jericho recently had Steve Austin as a guest on Talk Is Jericho where the two talked about all things music from the inspiration for his entrance music to his favorite bands growing up.

"Growing up I was a huge KISS fan I know you are as well," Steve Austin told Y2J. "I had every single album, loved every single member. I wish Peter and Ace would have stayed as straight as Paul and Gene you know and got to make more money. But anyway, I had my headphones on you know I was singing, 'shock me!' You know Ace's song, 'make me feel better, shock me.' All of a sudden, I'm singing my ass off and me and my brother shared a room and I'm sitting there dude and I'm jamming. I'm Ace Freely. I'm singing like a motherf–ker, right? And my brother just b—h-slapped my damn headphones right off my head. We were ten months apart in age. We fought like cats and dogs every single day and I won 99.9% of the time.


"When he slapped those headphones off, I was pretty tough back then Chris," Austin continued as he told Y2J a great childhood story connected to being a proud member of the KISS Army. "I jumped off that goddamn chair and was like, 'what are you doing?!' He goes, 'take those headphones off and listen to yourself you sound like s–t!' I'm like, goddamn that's kinda a rude awakening. Kinda took me outta my zone.

"So, sure enough, I took the headphones off and I listened to myself sing Shock Me... I sucked ass. Jeez and dude, right there that crushed me because I knew I wasn't gonna front a rock n roll band and that's probably when I started trying to play the guitar and bass."

Source: Talk Is Jericho