Steve Austin On Which Lucha Underground Star He's A Fan Of, Wrestling The Invisible Man In WCW

Recently on The Steve Austin Show, WWE Hall Of Famer Steve Austin welcomed independent pro wrestler 'Jumpin” Joey Janela to 317 Gimmick Street. Among many other things, Austin talked about some of his favorite current pro wrestlers. Also, Austin and Janela talked about wrestling The Invisible Man.


During the interview, Austin shared that Pentagón Jr. is one of his favorite active pro wrestlers today.

"Pentagon, he's one of my favorite wrestlers going right now. I got a chance to meet him and Fenix who I like as well over there in Orlando [Florida] WrestleMania 34, he was doing some signings. We were talking because Vampiro was on the podcast and Vampiro had said that Pentagon was chubby or heavyset. We were laughing about that." Austin continued, "I really enjoyed that damn match that Pentagon and Vampiro had about a year-and-a-half ago on Lucha Underground."

Austin also had some praise for Zack Sabre, Jr.

"I'm a big fan of [ZSJ]." Austin said, "he's a good damn worker."

While it seems only this current generation of pro wrestlers receives criticism for wrestling inanimate objects, Austin shared that he used to wrestle The Invisible Man before WCW tapings.


"I was watching a match. [Janela] was wrestling one of [his] arch rivals, The Invisible Man. A long running feud. I'm bulls–tting." Austin added, "I used to do a deal down in WCW where I would wrestle The Invisible Man before TV at CenterStage and I was only going a minute-and-a-half. [Janela] put in, like, 15 [or] 20 minutes against this cat. And the crowd, I'm watching the crowd, like, they really bought in and [Janela] [was] totally committed and were in the zone. And the referee did a phenomenal job. [Janela] [was] kind of almost doing a standup routine while [he] [was] doing this."

Unsurprisingly, Janela indicated that his longstanding feud with The Invisible Man came about as a joke and not having an opponent for a show.

"I've actually wrestled The Invisible Man five times, so it is quite the rivalry now." Janela recalled, "I think it started off with, I would joke with this guy. He was running local shows in New Jersey and he said, 'who do you want to wrestle,' and I said, 'yeah, I'll wrestle The Invisible Man.' And then, 'when are we going to do it?' I think one of my shows cancelled running that night and I said, 'hey, can I come wrestle The Invisible Man?' And he said, 'yeah, sure!' So I just showed up and on the fly, I did what I did. A couple of other promoters wanted to see me versus The Invisible Man, and then, I wrestled The Invisible Man in England at Blackpool Tower."


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Source: The Steve Austin Show