Taz Reveals Which Suplex He Named

On a recent episode of The Taz Show, Taz went in-depth of the suplexes he used while competing as a pro wrestler. Taz stated that the head and arm suplex was a common move, and stated that the high cradle suplex was a move that he liked to execute against Rob Van Dam, because he was so flexible. Taz added that he rarely used the German suplex in ECW, because everyone else used it, and never used the vertical suplex for the same reason.


Taz also mentioned Sabu as someone he would execute a variety of suplexes on, and also name-dropped Christian as someone who he hit his various suplexes on. Regarding a suplex he gives himself credit for naming, Taz mentioned the T-bone suplex.

"That's what I named it," said Taz. "Whatever people called it, but that's what I called it. I kinda named it. And [for] simple reasons; it looked like a T, right? I was grabbing you like a T, I was grabbing between your legs and around your waist, it was like a T motion from the side. And I would turn you in the air where I was the base of the T and you were the top part, the horizontal part of the T. And that's why I called it a T-bone, and everybody loves a T-bone steak. Of course you gotta put over T-bone steak, right? So, that's where that came from."


Regarding current wrestlers who he put over for currently using suplexes, Taz started with mentioning War Raiders' Raymond Rowe, following a tweet from Rowe stating that he was inspired by Taz to include that in his arsenal. Taz also mentioned Becky Lynch and Jeff Cobb as people who can execute suplexes well, and highly put over Cobb for his legitimacy as an Olympic wrestler. Another name he mentioned was Kyle O'Reilly.

Feeling like clotheslines are "prostituted" in pro wrestling, and now that has turned to superkicks, Taz feel that suplexes are getting oversaturated as well.

"When it's used too much in a match, and when a suplex is used in the wrong time in a match, I used to try to very rarely, very, very rarely use a suplex early in the match," said Taz. "Because people were expecting a suplex from me, so I made them wait."

Taz added that wrestlers would hit a good suplex early in the match, but then use other moves to wrestlers right after, which dilutes the potency of the move. Taz does not believe that a suplex should be a transitional move, but should be saved for the end of the match.

If any portion of these quotes are used, please be sure to credit The Taz Show with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.


Source: The Taz Show