Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Wants To Wrestle "Cold Stone" Steve Austin Or Alexa Bliss

Farrah Abraham was approached by TMZ and was asked about participating in the pro wrestling business. Abraham said she would love to wrestle because she is a fan. She went on to list some people she wanted to face like Alexa Bliss and The Bella Twins.

"I don't know people wanna wrestle me I guess," Abraham said. When asked who she would want to get in the ring with she said, "I would probably choose Alexa Bliss or maybe The Bella Twins. So I think those ladies are great so I'd love to wrestle [them]."

The former Teen Mom cast member continued saying she wanted to face some of the people she watched growing up, and listed Steve Austin and Hulk Hogan as two of her favorites.

"I mean I would love to wrestle like my all time favorites like 'Cold Stone' Steve Austin [not a typo], Hulk Hogan. Like that's what I grew up watching. I love wrestling. I'm a fan," she said.

The idea was mentioned about having possible intergender matches down the line. She seemed open to the idea of locking up with a male in the ring saying, "Why does gender have to matter? So I think that'll be awesome."

Abraham also showed respect for Ronda Rousey. Although she's sure the fight would be one-sided, Abraham suggested they have a match in Dubai.

"Ronda [Rousey's] amazing. I always will love her. I always root for her. I'd love to go against her I'm sure she'd kick my ass. But um, yeah it'll be fun. Let's do it in Dubai."

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Source: TMZ


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