Tenille Dashwood On Who From WWE She'd Like To See In The ROH Women Of Honor Division

Tenille Dashwood spoke to the Mirror on Bayley, differences between ROH and WWE, and finding new energy after her WWE release. Here are some of the highlights:

Who from WWE she wants to see in Ring of Honor:

"It's hard to name just one. [Laughs] But if I had to pick I'd say Bayley and I'll explain why. She is one of the most passionate, dedicated and hardworking women I have come across in this business. Her and I are very close, we lived together at one point throughout NXT and still to this day, I admire her so much for the hard work she constantly puts in, the new ideas she has, the drive she has to never settle and always want more and those are all feelings I have within as well. If there's anyone I could go out there and kill it with in a Ring of Honor ring that would be Bayley."

Life after WWE:

"It's amazing. I guess you could say I've found this new found energy in life and in wrestling. All of a sudden, all of these ideas started flowing through my head again. I wanted to try new things, I had ideas for things that I had done in the past and I watched people, I saw their styles, new things came to me and I've integrated that into my matches. All of a sudden, I just had this almost like new passion and energy. Excitement was there because I had the realization of having matches that weren't always TV matches, that weren't always strict on timelines or storylines and more so focused on the wrestling, different opponents I hadn't worked before and a lot of one-on-one matches. I'm able to get out there and wrestle for longer periods of time. It was like a whole new thing I hadn't done really in years."

How ROH differs from WWE:

"To be honest I will say this, I have an amazing following and my fans are really loyal. There are definitely my critics out there, but for the most part my fans and the comments I get online are all pretty positive, so I really appreciate all of that. A lot of what I did and the responses I was getting once I started with Ring of Honor was that, they're so happy to see me finally wrestle and that they're seeing me do things that they never knew I could do, I seem to be so much better, I have more freedom for all these things.

This isn't taking a shot at WWE at all, because I learned so much there and that has given me the platform to do what I do. So I'm so appreciative of that. I feel like obviously the difference is that, there are strict times and strict storylines like I said and that's just how it is in WWE. So now in Ring of Honor, that has allowed me to do things I haven't done before, they haven't seen before. It's just a different environment. I'm excited to explore that side of things now and like I said it's like a new energy and excitement I have for wrestling."

Dashwood also discussed wanting to win the ROH WOH Championship. You can check out the full interview by clicking here.


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