The Undertaker Appears At Basketball Game (Photos), The Miz Talks Parenting, Drew McIntyre

- Above is Drew McIntyre's entrance theme, "Gallantry" (Defining Moment Remix). On this past week's Raw, McIntyre (with the assist from Dolph Ziggler) defeated Seth Rollins in the main event.

- The Miz spoke briefly with The Wrap about why he's been mentioning his daughter, Monroe, so much on WWE TV.

"We weave our real lives into our WWE live," Miz said. "We just look at what's happening in our lives and what can we do? What's the most annoying– as a bad guy, as a villain, what's the thing we can do to make people hate us? Now, it's truly wonderful to have a kid. It's the best gift you could possibly get, but have you ever met those people who just talk about it all day long and it's just annoying? That's kind of what I started doing and I was like, 'This will be fun. I'll just start talking about it all the time. It'll be endearing at first, but then it'll get annoying."

- Yesterday, Michelle McCool posted some photos and videos of The Undertaker getting involved with the Harlem Globetrotters. In the videos, Taker held up the ball so one of the players could spring off a trampoline and dunk the ball, high-fiving a bunch of players after. Taker teamed up with Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns at last week's MSG live event, defeating Kevin Owens, Elias, and Baron Corbin. His next scheduled appearance is at the WWE Super Show-Down on October 6 in Australia where he'll face Triple H.


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