Triple H Strongly Hinted At The All-Women's Evolution PPV Over A Month Ago

Evolution, the first-ever all female WWE pay-per-view was announced by Stephanie McMahon on the July 23rd episode of Raw but, Triple H strongly hinted about it in mid-June after Shawn Michaels hit the nail on the head when he predicted the event.


GiveMeSport's Turnbuckle Talk featured last month's media conference with Triple H and Shawn Michaels. They began discussing the women's revolution as HBK said he wasn't even aware there was so much talent in women's wrestling before the Mae Young Classic.

"Just as a wrestling fan," HBK said, "I've been in the WWE since I was twenty-three. I've certainly lived in that world for so long. I've not really — nor had the time — to know what else is out there. When we did that Mae Young Classic, again just like the UK tournament, you begin to see there is so much talent. Again, you're able to look and see and investigate and research and 'oh my goodness, there's a ton of talent out there.' So for me clearly on a wrestling fan level you say like, 'why wouldn't you now begin to create something around this?'"


Michaels said there is enough female talent that they could fill a pay-per-view event on their own and wouldn't be surprised to see it happen soon. Triple H was quick to say there was a big announcement for women's wrestling on the way, although he didn't spoil his wife's big announcement that she would make one month later.

"Clearly there's enough [female pro wrestlers] I just wasn't aware, again much like my not knowing all the talent that was there so that to me says, I see the women being an entity all unto themselves. I don't see a time not too far down the road when there's not an all-women's pay-per-view for instance. You know that you've got enough women within this line of work where you can fill a while [event].

"That's just a natural process in some respect because again, I see so much depth talent-wise within this business in general to me again, it's breathtaking."

Triple H chimed in saying, "you'll see some big announcements too, coming soon based around the women."

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