Tyler Breeze and Fandango made the most of their partnership. The Fashion Police had comedic appearances and were featured on television on a consistent basis as they searched for 2B on SmackDown Live.

They were funny, but were not in a program on television where they were wrestling. Still, their involvement in The Fashion Files kept them on television. Breezango sat down with The Gorilla Position before Fandango suffered a torn labrum which required surgery. Breeze discussed if he was happy with his creative spot on the roster.

“I think we kind of have a different opinion of that,” Breeze responded. “It’s almost like being comedic and funny is put in a category where you look at us and think that we are just the funny guys, but if you look at everyone that we grew up liking. It’s a universal thing that everyone likes to laugh. It makes people like people, you know what I mean?

“The Rock, how many times did he say something that had you laughing your head off at? Stone Cold Steve Austin, Kurt Angle, almost every single person had a little comedy into their act. You have to have that perfect balance of when they were in the ring you completely forgot about Angle wearing a tiny cowboy hat and singing along. So you have to have that perfect little mix.

“With us, we have been doing it long enough where we proved that we can build our fan base by making them laugh. When given an opportunity like we had with The Usos, by the end we had everyone standing on their feet thinking that we were going to win the tag team titles. So I think we have proven that we have the balance we just kind of need more of an opportunity.”

Fandango is expected to be out of action for at least six months after undergoing surgery earlier this month on his left labrum tear in his shoulder.

Thanks to Peter Bahi for the transcription