Tyrese Gibson On Where He Stands With The Rock After Publicly Ripping Him Last Year

Dwayne Johnson's Fast And The Furious character received his own spinoff, which co-star Tyrese Gibson claims delayed the production of the ninth movie in the franchise. Gibson was upset at Johnson's decision to do his own movie and set back another project with the larger ensemble cast. Gibson commented nine months ago saying Johnson put himself first in front of the Fast And The Furious family.

Gibson is now softening his stance regarding The Rock. Although he isn't apologizing entirely for what he said, Gibson said he regrets the way he went about things. While speaking to The Red Pill Podcast, the R&B singer turned actor said he was a mouthpiece for others who had a similar opinion as well. He hasn't spoken to The People's Champ yet, but he has relayed messages through an intermediary.

"It was everything going at The Rock publically," Gibson said. "I have yet to talk to The Rock to this day. We will have a conversation. I did have a conversation with his producing partner that's with him every day.

"That was pretty much the gist of any communication as far as my thoughts and feelings around, you know all of that stuff at the time that was going on. I found myself being the messenger on behalf of various people associated to the franchise. Stupid me was the only one that went public with those feelings, which is my own fault. It's not professional. It's not cool."

When asked if Gibson felt that Johnson went too far at any time, he said nothing The Rock did was as big of a deal as the way he himself went about things.

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