Update On Jim Ross' Condition Following Injury At New Japan's G1 Special In San Francisco

We previously reported Jim Ross was suffering from a possible broken rib after taking an unplanned bump at NJPW's G1 Special In San Francisco. Jay White heaved Juice Robinson through the guardrail outside the ring during their IWGP United States Championship match. The barricade was not properly latched together causing a chain reaction and Ross ended up being knocked from his chair.

F4WOnline reports Ross has been diagnosed with issues involving his ribs and lungs after the unscheduled spot. Ross must now cancel three commitments this week due to this injury.

The WWE Hall Of Famer is not happy about this spot and he assured fans this is not a work of any kind. Due to problems with his ribs and lungs, JR has also been advised by his doctors to be cautious of contracting phenomena.

Ross reportedly spoke to NJPW officials before the show to make sure nobody did any spots around the announce table because he knew how much action could take place outside the ring. We will keep you updated on this story, but at this time he is experiencing a lot of pain when he moves, coughs, or yawns. You can check out a clip of the spot which caused his injury below.


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