WWE Extreme Rules: Asuka Vs. Carmella (SmackDown Women's Title Match With Shark Cage)

SmackDown Women's Title Match: Asuka vs. Carmella

We go back to Tom, Corey and Byron at ringside. Asuka is out first as we see the other international announce teams in the arena. We see the shark cage in the middle of the ring. SmackDown Women's Champion Carmella is out next with James Ellsworth. WWE crew members enter the ring to work on the cage as Ellsworth is ordered in by the referee, and Asuka. The cage is raised up above the ring and the bell rings.

Back and forth to start. Ellsworth drops a chain to Carmella but Asuka catches him. Asuka tells the referee but Carmella takes advantage of the distraction. We get a close 2 count as Asuka keeps control. Carmella kicks Asuka down in the corner and stomps on her back. Carmella goes for the chain but the referee stops her. Ellsworth drops the spray to Carmella now. Asuka blocks the spray and hits a back-fist. Asuka keeps control and nail a dropkick. Asuka with more offense and a hip attack for another 2 count.

Asuka drops Carmella into the Asuka Lock but it's broken. They go to the floor and Asuka keeps control. Ellsworth gets free from the cage but gets hung upside down when trying to get down to the mat. Asuka enters the ring and beats Ellsworth up while he's stuck upside down, dangling from the cage. Fans boo as crew members come into the ring and Ellsworth is put back into the cage. Asuka takes out the crew members. Asuka kicks Ellsworth while one leg is still dangling from the cage now.

Asuka waits for Ellsworth to get up in the corner now. Carmella comes from behind and sends Asuka face-first into the side of the cage. Asuka goes down and Carmella covers for the win.

Winner: Carmella

After the match, Carmella takes the title and celebrates on the ramp as her music hits. Other workers free Ellsworth from the cage as Carmella smiles from the ramp. We get a replay. We come back to Asuka taking out the other crew members. Asuka goes back to work on Ellsworth now and beats him up again. Asuka with two German suplexes and another kick to the head. Asuka drops Ellsworth into the Asuka Lock and he taps out but she's not letting up. Asuka stands tall as her music hits and we go to replays.

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