Tables Match: SAnitY vs. The New Day

We go to Tom, Corey and Byron on commentary. The New Day is out next with pancakes for the crowd. SAnitY is out next.

The bell rings and all 6 Superstars start brawling. Big E and Kofi Kingston take Killian Dain and Alexander Wolfe on the outside while Xavier Woods sends Eric Young to the floor. The New Day keeps control on the outside and stand up the first table. Wolfe and Dain cut them off. Young and Wolfe double team Big E in the ring now. Young decks Wolfe after Big E moves out of the way. Big E tries to spear Wolfe and Young off the apron but they hit him with knees. Wolfe with a spinning neckbreaker as Young follows up with a big elbow drop from the top.

Wolfe works over Big E in the ring as the screen splits and we cut to a break. Back from the break and Woods and Kofi take out Young and Wolfe on the floor with dives. Dain runs the ropes and leaps out, taking Woods and Kofi down on the floor. Wolfe works over Kofi back in the ring now. Dain and Young start setting up tables at ringside. Wolfe takes Kofi to the top and instructs his partners to stack the tables at ringside. Wolfe goes to put Kofi through the tables but Kofi resists. Young enters the ring and nails Kofi. Woods and Big E take out Dain on the floor. Big E runs in and stops Young and Wolfe from double teaming Kofi, still up top in the corner. Woods and Big E grab Young and Wolfe for powerbombs but Kofi leaps off the top and assists in bringing them to the mat for a big pop.

Woods and Big E place Young on a table outside while Kofi goes to the top. Dain brings Kofi to the mat and stops it. Dain ends up slamming Woods onto Big E in the ring now. Kofi hits Trouble In Paradise to Dain in the ring. Kofi goes to leap out to put Young through a table but Wolfe makes the save. Kofi and Wolfe tangle on the apron now. Kofi hangs on as Young goes to the top. Wolfe bites Kofi on the apron, trying to make him fall from the apron to the table on the floor. Young leaps from the top, putting Kofi through the table with a big elbow drop. SAnitY wins.

Winners: SAnitY

After the match, Kofi and his partners try to recover as SAnitY gets to their feet.

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