WWE Extreme Rules: Team Hell No Vs. The Bludgeon Brothers (SmackDown Tag Team Title Match)

SmackDown Tag Team Title Match: Team Hell No vs. The Bludgeon Brothers

We go to the ring and out first comes Daniel Bryan. Bryan is holding his ribs due to the earlier attack. SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Bludgeon Brothers are out next. It looks like this will be a Handicap Match now.

The bell rings and Bryan attacks Rowan to start. Rowan fights him off but Bryan comes right back. Rowan smiles as Bryan sizes him up. Fans chant for Bryan now. Bryan with kicks in the corners but Rowan decks him. Rowan drops Bryan with a shoulder and takes him to the corner for stomps. Harper tags in and goes for a double team move but Bryan fights out. Bryan dropkicks Harper while he's on the top. Rowan gets sent to the floor. Bryan climbs up to the top with Harper and brings him down with the hurricanrana.

Bryan runs the ropes and dropkicks Rowan through the ropes. Bryan blocks the discus clothesline and applies The Yes Lock to Harper but Rowan pulls Bryan out of the ring by his leg. Rowan tags in and sends Bryan into the steel ring steps. Rowan scoops Harper and slams him on top of Bryan. Rowan brings it back into the ring. Rowan with a splash on Bryan for a close 2 count. Harper tags back in for some double teaming. Harper keeps control and tags Rowan back in. Rowan with a big pumphandle slam over his knee. Rowan slams Bryan again and covers for a 2 count.

The champs continue to dominate Bryan with quick tags and power moves. Bryan finally sends Rowan to the floor. Bryan unloads on Harper but gets cut off. Harper goes to dive out to Bryan on the floor but he ends up nailing Rowan instead. All three Superstars are down on the floor now. Kane's music hits and out he comes, limping and wearing a brace on his foot.

Kane hits the apron and waits for the tag. Kane tags in and goes to work on Harper. Rowan runs in but Kane chokeslams him. Kane with a chokeslam to Harper next. Kane stands tall and fans cheer. Kane calls for a Tombstone but his leg goes out. Harper kicks the leg and Kane goes down. Bryan tags in and nails a missile dropkick to Harper. Fans pop for Bryan and chant "yes!" now. Bryan with the Yes Kicks to Harper. Bryan kicks Harper's head off but Rowan tags in. Bryan didn't see it. Bryan charges with the knee to Harper but Rowan runs in and cuts him off. Rowan ends up dropping Bryan with a spin kick. Harper tags in for the double team out of the corner and they hit it. Harper covers Bryan for the win as Kane slowly reaches for the apron to come back in.

Winners: The Bludgeon Brothers

After the match, Harper and Rowan stand tall with their titles and pose in the corners. The referee checks on Bryan. Kane is still on the floor, laying over the apron. Bryan rolls out beside him as Rowan and Harper exit with the titles.

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