WWE Main Event Recap: Authors Of Pain In Action, Curt Hawkins Vs. Chad Gable

The Main Event opening video kicks off the show after the usual WWE signature. Titus Worldwide (Titus O'Neil & Apollo Crews with Dana Brooke) and Authors Of Pain (Akam & Rezar) make their entrances as Vic Joseph, Percy Watson and Nigel McGuinness check in on commentary. 

Titus Worldwide (Titus O'Neil & Apollo Crews with Dana Brooke) vs. Authors Of Pain (Akam & Rezar)

Rezar backs Crews into the corner. Rezar drives his shoulder into Crews several times. O'Neil eventually hits a shoulder block on Akam. O'Neil splashes Rezar in the corner. O'Neil clotheslines Akam. O'Neil connects with a big boot to Akam. O'Neil splashes Akam in the corner. O'Neil hits a bodyslam on Akam. Rezar breaks up a pinball attempt by O'Neil. Crews comes into the ring. Rexar sends Crews out of the ring. Rezar drives Crews into the side of the ring. Rezar tags in. Akam and Rezar hit the Last Chapter on O'Neil. Rezar pins O'Neil for the win.

Winners: Authors Of Pain (Akam & Rezar)

A recap of the in-ring segment from RAW is shown featuring the roster separating Roman Reigns and Bobby Lashley.

A recap of RAW Women's Champion Nia Jax & Natalya defeating Mickie James & Alexa Bliss on RAW is shown.

Chad Gable and Curt Hawkins make their entrances. 

Curt Hawkins vs. Chad Gable

Gable takes Hawkins to the mat. Gable locks in a cross-face, before switching to a headlock. Hawkins hits an arm-drag on Gable. Gable eventually hits a moonsault on Hawkins. Gable pins Hawkins for a two count. Gable goes for a German Suplex on Hawkins, Hawkins rolls through and pins Gable for a two count. Hawkins hits a Falcon Arrow on Gable. Hawkins pins Gable for another two count. Hawkins ascends the turnbuckles. Gable approaches Hawkins, Hawkins pushes him to the mat. Hawkins hits an elbow drop on Gable. Hawkins pins Gable for another two count. Gable escapes a powerbomb attempt from Hawkins. Gable sends Hawkins into the turnbuckles. Gable hits a German Suplex on Hawkins. Gable pins Hawkins for the wins.

Winner: Chad Gable

A recap from SmackDown Live is shown of the brawl on Miz TV.

A recap of Team Hell No (Kane & Daniel Bryan) and The New Day (Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston & Big E) defeating Sanity (Eric Young, Killian Dain & Alexander Wolfe) & SmackDown Tag-Team Champions The Bludgeon Brothers (Harper & Rowan) is shown.

The announcers hype Extreme Rules to close the show.



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