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– Recap of the rivalry between Tommaso Ciampa and NXT Champion Aleister Black. We see clips of Ciampa taking out Gargano at TakeOver and then telling Black he has what Ciampa wants.

Adam Cole vs. Sean Maluta

Cole shoves Maluta into the corner, gets down on the mat and taunts him a bit. Both up now, neckbreaker and big boot by Maluta. He heads up to the top, but Cole yanks him off, sending him crashing to the mat. Cole with some punches and kicks, forearm in the corner, sits him up on the top rope, Cole goes up, headbutt sends Cole down to the mat. Maluta dives off the second rope and gets caught in midair with a superkick, last shot hits, 1-2-3.

Winner: Adam Cole via Pinfall

– Post-match, Cole says he’s the most buzz worthy star on any brand, defending his title all over the world. Cole says even tonight, he gave Maluta a shot, and goes to continue, but out comes Ricochet with a mic in hand. From the stage, Ricochet says he’s happy for Cole because he didn’t run from his opponent, even though it was a non-title match against a guy’s name he can’t even remember. Ricochet continues that Cole has done nothing but shockingly be a coward, despite being so good. He has an idea, how about a match for the title at TakeOver: Brooklyn against him. Cole agrees he is so good and he’s not going to diminish himself by fighting Ricochet at Brooklyn and leaves the ring.

Ricochet, “Go ahead and just leave, just like the coward I thought you were.” Crowd with a “coward!” chant. Cole goes to get in the ring, Ricochet does his handspring taunt back into the middle of the ring. The rest of Undisputed Era show up and Cole goes back to the ring. War Raiders suddenly show up and force Undisputed Era to take a different exit. No luck there either as Trent Seven and Tyler Bate appear behind them, they get in a few shots as the group leaves from the other side of the arena.

– Earlier today, William Regal looks over the contract signing between NXT Champion Shayna Baszler and Kairi Sane for TakeOver: Brooklyn. Regal notes this is a rematch from the MYC Finals, which Baszler interjects that she is nothing like she was back then. Since then she’s become the champion and has run through the division. She wonders what Sane has done? Sane signs the contract and says Baszler knows Sane can beat her. Baszler thinks Sane is just pretending just like every other women in the division and it’s pathetic. Sane repeats herself and says in Brooklyn she will beat the champ. Baszler gets annoyed, signs it, says Sane will hear “And still!” at TakeOver and leaves the room. Sane says the same thing to Regal for a third time, she can beat Baszler.

– Empty Trailer, Tommaso Ciampa gets ready for his title match.

– Last month, we see clips of the 6-man tag match from the UK Championship event where Velveteen Dream left his tag partner, EC3, to get destroyed by Aleister Black.

– Next week: EC3 vs. Kona Reeves

Lacey Evans vs. Tenilla Price

The two end up in the corner, Evans backs up and then launches her opponent across the ring. Bronco buster by Evans in the corner and then yanks on her opponent’s arm over the rope. Evans really bashing Price with a bunch of elbows, trips her up and hits a slingshot elbow. Back in the ring, swinging neckbreaker, tries to flip back on her opponent, but Price gets her knees up. Price tries for a flip and gets a women’s right to the mug. Cover, and that will do it.

Winner: Lacey Evans via Pinfall

– Backstage, Aleister Black gets ready for his title match.

– Backstage, Sarah Schreiber asks Bianca Belair about not being able to participate in the Fatal 4-Way to decide the number one contender for the NXT Women’s Champion. Belair says she doesn’t need to explain what happened, she’s hurt, and why should she work three times harder when she’s undefeated? She’s going to rehab and be back soon, noting that she is indeed, undefeated.

– Moments ago, Baszler is asked about her meeting with Sane. Candice LeRae runs up on her (while still being held back by an NXT Trainer) and wonders why she is talking behind her back and not to her face. Baszler says do something, LeRae says it may not be right now, but she’s going to find a time to take Baszler down.

Aleister Black (c) vs. Tommaso Ciampa (NXT Championship)

Ciampa gets in Black’s face before the champion can do his usual entrance in the ring. Ciampa keeps holding up a “number one” taunt (as it only takes one moment for him to become champion). Ciampa tries to work the arm, Black able to trip him and go for his leg, back and forth reversals on the mat. Ciampa with a shoulder tackle, Black tries for an arm drag, Ciampa avoids it, rolls him up, two.

Couple roll-ups, both two-counts. Black goes back to work on Ciampa’s arm and tries a kick, misses, Black out on the floor, pulls Ciampa out there and lands a couple kicks to the chest. Both in the ring, Ciampa with some double ax-handles on Black’s back. Ciampa ends up on the apron, kick to the face, Black looks to fly and moonsaults back into the ring, sits down, and does the “Ciampa wave.” Ciampa takes his time to get back in the ring, goes in, and quickly rolls out to a chorus of boos. Black gets him the second time, they gets tied up in the ropes, Ciampa with a punch to the body, elbow to the face, but Black with a kick to the face, twice.

Black looks for a moonsault, Ciampa follows him and dumps the champion out of the ring, throws him into the barricade, the side of the ring, and then the steps. Ciampa then mocks Black sitting cross-legged like the champ does. Back in the ring, Ciampa with a back breaker, and he continues to work over that back. Black tries for a german suplex, but can’t pull it off. Ciampa with a texas cloverleaf in the middle of the ring, Black gets to the ropes. Both on the apron, back and forth forearms, Black with a couple kicks to the chest that send the challenger into the ring.

Black goes up top, Ciampa follows, Black slides under, looks for a powerbomb, opts for a kick to the back of the knee that sends Ciampa down to the mat. Couple quick pin attempts, both up and end up crashing right into each other. Black getting the better of this exchange, sweep kick, low dropkick, kip-up by the champion. A bunch of kicks land clean, moonsault off the second rope, cover, 1-2! Black sent to the apron, Ciampa tries for that second rope draping DDT, Black escapes and gets in the ring. A bunch of knees drop Ciampa, low dropkick to the head, cover, two-count.

“Tweet about this!” Black yells as he lands a couple kicks to the chest. Black tried for the second rope DDT, goes out to the apron, gets tripped up and crashes down on the apron. Ciampa goes up top and drops Black, cover, two. Ciampa tries for a running knee, nope, Black misses a high kick, massive clothesline by Ciampa, pin, two. Ciampa exposes the knee, Black returns fire with a high jumping knee of his own, cover, two! Black lifts a dazed Ciampa for black mass, misses, Ciampa tries to roll up with the tights, two. Black on the second turnbuckle double knees land, kick to the head, german suplex with the bridge, nope! Crowd going wild now, standing on their feet.

Ciampa out on the floor, Black with a second rope moonsault, ends up landing on his feet. Ciampa throws Black into the cameraman, referee checking on the cameraman, Ciampa with a crutch from under the ring and smacks Black with it, cover, 1-2-no! Crowd thought that was it. Ciampa goes for the draping DDT, but he’s sent down to the floor, Black with a flip over the top rope, then sends Ciampa back into the ring. Ciampa plants Black with the DDT, cover, and it continues!

Ciampa pulls the padding away from around the ring. The referee is telling him not to do this. Black rolls back into the ring, shoves Ciampa who crashes into the referee (who goes down on the cement floor). Black mass hits! Cover! The crowd counts to about 10 before Black looks over at the referee who is knocked out on the floor. Black goes over to Ciampa, but Ciampa digs at his eye. Ciampa grabs the NXT Championship, out comes Gargano who superkicks him, and goes to pull the title away, but Ciampa holds it for a second and it flies back into Ciampa’s face. Angel’s Wings hits on Black, cover, new champion! Crowd is in shock, booing hard as Ciampa celebrates with the title and heads up the ramp.

Winner: Tommaso Ciampa via Pinfall to win the NXT Championship