– Above, Mae Young Competitor and recent NXT signee, Lacey Lane, talked about the upcoming tournament and how she’s feeling in the weeks leading up to it.

“So many emotions, not a lot of people know who I am,” Lane said. “I’m one of those ‘inbetweeners’ because I haven’t gotten to showcase myself in the States. I spent half of my time in Mexico, creating a name for myself over there. So, now I finally get to show the world what I’m all about and what I’m capable of bringing to this company.”

– Earlier today, WWE went over the 30 million subscribers mark on YouTube and is currently the 13th most subscribed to channel on the site. WWE’s channel also has nearly 25 billion total views.

– During his match at yesterday’s WWE UK TV Tapings, Joseph Conners was legit knocked out from a kick that forced an early stoppage to the match. According to fans in attendance, he was out for around five minutes and was eventually helped to the back. On Twitter, Conners appreciated the fans’ concern and wrote, “I’ve had setbacks before, I have one response to them. I will be back and I will be better.”