– WWE posted this new video looking at Kaitlyn’s top 5 moments. As noted, the former WWE Divas Champion will return to action for the company for The Mae Young Classic next month.

– WWE has a new poll asking fans if Ronda Rousey should get a RAW Women’s Title with the winner of Sunday’s Extreme Rules match between Nia Jax and champion Alexa Bliss. Rousey will be at ringside for the match. As of this writing, 64% voted, “Yes. Her first opportunity was interrupted, and she should get another chance.” The rest went with, “No. She only got the first match so quickly because Nia challenged her, and she should work her way back up for the next one.”

– WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry and NWA owner Billy Corgan are wrestling stars that have been announced for the Concussion Legacy Foundation’s inaugural National Advisory Board. WWE, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon have worked close with CLF, which was co-founded by former WWE Superstar Christopher Nowinski, and Triple H is a Board member. You can read more from CLF at the link below: