Last week Abyss was announced as the next inductee into Impact Wrestling’s Hall of Fame. He’s been with the company since 2002 and, unlike many other TNA Originals, Abyss never jumped ship to another promotion.

Abyss is still with Impact today and also works as a creative producer. He joined Busted Open Radio where he discussed why he’s stayed so loyal to the company.

“I know Tommy [Dreamer] can relate with the ECW thing. Impact is and was home. It’s where I started,” Abyss said to Dreamer and Dave LaGreca. “I spent practically my entire adult life there. Impact took a gamble on me when I was a nobody. I was coming out of Puerto Rico with a decent name but nothing to where nobody knew who I was stateside.

“TNA gave me that chance when nobody else was biting at the time. To see that growth, and be part of that growth, I always tell people, that meant the most. That’s one of the reasons I never wanted to leave because I was there since the beginning. I was part of the original ground floor of the company.”

The early days of TNA dealt with uncertainty as the talent wasn’t sure if they would still have jobs just a week later. Abyss discussed the hard times and how he’s proud that the company persevered to where it is today.

“On most Wednesday night pay-per-views in 02-03, we didn’t know if there was going to be a next Wednesday or not. We came every week not knowing what was going to be the future of the company in 2003,” Abyss said. “A lot of people said we were going to close up the doors in six months. They said that for about 12 years. I’m so proud of what the company has done. There’s been ups and downs, no doubt and they’ve been well documented. But for me, it’s a great company. We’ve struggled and really plowed through some obstacles along the way. It’s been home and something I could never see myself leaving.”

Abyss will be inducted into the Impact Wrestling Hall of Fame on October 13 in New York City. The next night the Melrose Ballroom in Queens will host Bound for Glory, Impact’s premier pay-per-view of the year.

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